29 September 2023  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

About Eilat-Eilot

Standing at the forefront
of Israel's green revolution.

Our Mission

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy is a public benefit company. Owners are the kibbutzim, JNF, and other local entities in Israel. We work with the Municipality of Eilat, the Eilot Council and government ministries.

Our goal is to make the Arava region, an R&D center for renewable energy technologies. Also, the project aims to make the area energy independent and free from carbon emissions by 2025. With this project the region will become an international knowledge center.

Eilat-Eilot helps Israel achieve it’s renewable energy goals and strength Israeli cleantech. Thus, now days we are producing more than 100% of daytime energy demand for the region. By 2025 we will produce 100% renewables 24/7.

Moreover, we are operating a technology incubator and venture capital “capital nature”. Creating new jobs among them: researchers, engineers, teachers and others.


Yearly / Installed in Eilot Region

Our History

Eilat-Eilot was established in 2006, and was then a division within the Eilot Regional Council. The regional council sought to develop the field of clean energy, which was then an emerging market, to generate revenue for the region and create jobs. Later, Eilat-Eilot set out on an independent path as a non-profit organization.

The original ‘Sun Valley’ vision was dreamt by our beloved Brian Medwood (1957 – 2002). Medwood was a clean energy pioneer and we have dedicated a page to his honor.

Our Offices

Our offices are located at a recently energy-saving renovated building.

Our achievements

Electricity Generation

Eilat-Eilot Established a decentralized local power station from renewable energy. At present 15 solar plants supply more than 100% of day time electricity needs of Eilat and the Arava region. Thanks to storage technologies by the end of 2025 we will be at 100% 24/7.

Food-Water-Energy Solutions for Africa

Keilot company provides innovative solutions combined with a convenient financing package for off-grid population.

Billions of people around the world live with no access to electricity and water.

This condition directly affects their quality of life and health. Therefore, innovative solutions are needed for basic operations such as cooking, drinking water supply and agriculture, cooling food and medicine, charging basic appliances and more. Keilot is operating in Kenya with the expectation of expanding operations to other regions in Africa and the world.

Eilat a Smart City

The ‘Eilat – Smart City’ will reduce energy consumption and upgrade existing infrastructure. Waste disposal, communications, lighting, education and energy management. Also a 30MW rooftop solar initiative owned by the citizens.

Sustainergy - Youth Competition

Every two years, we hold an international competition in which excelling students from around the globe are exposed to the realm of clean energy and its meanings. Our goals are to encourage youth to choose clean energy in their professional future as well as expose local youth to scientific excellence.

Investment company

In 2011, Eilat-Eilot took part in establishing ‘Capital Nature’ a cleantech investment firm. 13% of the company is owned by local entities thus benefiting the Eilot region.

International Conference

Once every two years, we bring together decision-makers, companies, entrepreneurs and investors from Israel and the world. The Eilat-Eilot International Conference on Renewable Energy connects between the various fields related to renewable energy, while bringing entrepreneurs and opportunities to the Eilot region.

Research Departments for Renewable Energy

Establishment of research departments for renewable energy within local research institutions: the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, where researchers and students work to promote research in the field of renewable energy.

Technology Incubator

Eilat-Eilot helped establishing a local accelerator to nurture local innovations. Each year five projects are rewarded funding and support.

Training Center

Our training center works with Israel’s top academic institutes, state-wide teacher training organizations and the ministry of foreign affairs’. We offer a variety of courses and hand-on training that takes place here in the Arava.

A Decade in Review

To better understand what we are doing – we’ve prepared an infographic that shows, in real numbers, the great value of Eilat-Eilot to the southern Arava.

The summary was conducted in 2017.

Our team

Avivit Lev Sarid

Content and Training

Naama Aloni


Dorit Banet


Liat Lerner

Training Center

William Weisinger

Project Manager

Dafna Levy Ziegerman

Content and Media

Organizational Transparency​

Board of directors

Kibbutz Samar | Ehud Kugler | samar-kugler@samar.ardom.co.il

Kibbutz Neve Harif| Eti Ilue | eti@neveharif.co.il

Kibbutz Ketura| Cecil Rimer | cecil.rimer@ketura.co.il

Kibbutz Grofit| Sylvia Naaman | silvi@grofit.net

Ardag Cooperative Agricultural Society Ltd | Glen Fergerson

Ardom holding and management Ltd. | Israel Piperberg |IsraelP@ardom.co.il

Kibbutz Lotan|Yigal Staboner

Kibbutz Yotvata| Gadi Elkalai | alcalay@gmail.com

Kibbutz Elifaz| Yoram Yesharim

Kibbutz Yahel | Amnon Shimoni | amnon@yahel.co.il

Kibbutz Eilot | Elad Ben Dror |

Yotvata Dairies Ltd. |Yaron Veinberg |engpro@yotvata-dairy.co.il

Capital Nature | Noam Ilan | Noam.ilan@capitalnature.com

Representative of the city of Eilat | Moshe Ziso | moshe@eec.co.il

JNF | Alon Badihi | abadihi@jnf.org

Kibbutz Neot S’madar  | Eitan Cohen | tech@neot-semadar.com


Dorit Davidovich Banet

CEO & Founder of Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative

Dorit Davidovich Banet co-founded and CEO of Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative for the last 14 years and co fouder and chair of directors at “Keilot israel” & “Keilot kenya” funded two years ago. Prior to those positions Dorit was the founder and the head of the environment unit at the Eilot Regional Council and Eilat town’ in southen Israel for eight years.

The Eilat Eilot RE initiavie Raised more then 20 million $ to operate and demonstrate a self sastain model for solving the energy crisis by advancing all necessary components while generating sustainable regional development:
• leading the process of construction the largest decentralized solar power stations in Israel, provide 150% of the electricity demand, in day time all year long.
• implementing storage for reaching clean energy independence 24/7.
• founders and shareholders in VC “Capital Nature” that invest in innovative clean technologies.
• Operating betasits for demonstrating clean energy tecnologies.
• Planing the first microgrid in Israel of 500 MW instald+ storage.
• Conducting academic coursesaca to many engineeringqeconomic and
policy schools in Israel.
• helding international conference and Hacatons – becom the beating heart of the clean energy industry in Israel

The Keilot company valued at $ 2.5 million after two years of operationoperates among small holder farmers by demonstrating’ implementing and inplimenting Zero carbon innovative technologies for Essential households and biulding clean energy solutiosns for big energy “off takers”. Keilot is using microfinance program for the farmers & coopratives and in the same time operates an R&D center for Zero carbon technologies in the Arava valley, Israel.

Dorit holds a master’s degree in Geomorphology from Ben-Gurion University, focusing on stratigraphic issues and earthquakes. She holds a BA in Geography from Haifa University.