29 May 2023  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

Academic Courses

We offer experiential clean energy academic courses, off-grid technologies and cleantech. Courses are held in the Arava as a concentrated 5-day seminar.
Leading Israeli Academic institutions already participating. The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Afeka Academic College of Engineering and the Technion. All of above approved the granting of academic credit – 3 credit points per courses. An achievement that we are very proud of!
The courses focus on several key subjects, with contents that are coordinated with the universities:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy in an Off-Grid World
  • Sustainable Development
  • Food Security, Water and Energy

At this stage, courses are planned for students from the following departments: Public Policy, Engineering, Geography and Environment, Natural and Environmental Resource Management and Tourism.

Read about our clean energy academic courses pilot: ‘Solutions For Off-grid Infrastructure.’

Academic institutions that work with us

The Necessity

In a world where the demand for energy is constantly rising, there is great importance in connecting academia to the field. Exposing the next generation of young entrepreneurs to clean energy, which is a growing economic sector. Familiarity with real life business-entrepreneurial cases. 

By doing so, we expand both the students’ horizons and the entrepreneurial potential in the field after graduation.

Today’s students are the next generation that is going to enter the market and the public sector. Clean energy academic courses expose them to a multi-disciplinary view of economic and social issues.

Why The Arava

The southern Arava has become a center for clean energy technologies. As part of this process, over the last decade we established: large solar fields, acceleration programs for enterprises, venture capital funds for technology investments, beta-site and demonstration village for off-grid technologies.

Our training center works in cooperation with all the regional organizations, and combines theory with tours and workshops. A hands-on experience with the world of renewable energy. Students who come to the Arava receive a unique learning experience. Combining high-tech with scenic landscapes, technological entrepreneurship and networking. Students gain exposure to the growing industry in the Eilot region.