Academic Courses

We offer experiential academic courses in the field of clean energy, off-grid technologies and cleantech, which are held in the Arava as a concentrated 5-day seminar.

Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Afeka Academic College of Engineering and the Technion have approved the granting of academic credit – 3 credit points per courses, an achievement that we are very proud of!

The courses focus on several key subjects, with contents that are coordinated with the universities:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy in an Off-Grid World
  • Sustainable Development
  • Food Security
  • Water and Energy

At this stage, courses are planned for students from the following departments: Public Policy, Engineering, Geography and Environment, Natural and Environmental Resource Management and Tourism.

The Advantages of Holding these Courses in the Arava

Over the past decade an ecosystem for promoting innovation has already been created by our local regional system: Establishment of solar fields, establishment and management of the local accelerator the ‘Manbeta’, the existence of a venture capital fund – ‘Capital Nature’, Validation Center, the experimental field and the demonstration village for off-grid technologies. Our training center operates in conjunction with all bodies, and combines Hands-on study, tours and workshops using an approach that believes in taking students out to the field as much as possible, integrating classroom learning and learning based on experience and familiarity with the field. Not just theories studied in the classroom.

The Challenge

We encounter many challenges in developing renewable energy in Israel, and specifically off-grid technological development – These include lack of awareness as well as technological and cultural difficulties, which need to be bridged in order to break into the growing market of developing countries and off-grid regions. We believe that these types of courses will help create awareness and dive into the field of off-grid solutions through engineering, operational, technological and social challenges required for sustainable development that respects the residents of  the target countries. 

There is great importance in exposing the next generation of young Israeli entrepreneurs to clean energy. In this way, we expand both the students’ horizons and the entrepreneurship potential in the field after graduation. At the local level of exposing these young people to the special way of life in the Arava, we hope that at least some of them will decide to return here with their families, as adults.

For more information about our courses:

Planned course – Water, Energy and Food in Off-Grid Regions | Tel Aviv University, October 2017

Planned course – Sustainable Infrastructure | Tel Aviv University – External Studies, December 2017

Planned course – Clean Energies and Supportive Policies | Hebrew University, December 2017

Planned course – Clean Energy | Tel Aviv University and Afeka, January 2018