Clean Energy Academic Course

Tel Aviv University and Afeka Academic College of Engineering, January 2017

During the last week of January 2017 we held the first course with engineering and public policy students for master’s degree from Tel Aviv University and Afeka.

The combination of students from different fields of study (public policy, engineering and environmental studies) has created a successful perspective of multidisciplinary discussion stemming from the different fields of study that students are not accustomed to receiving. In addition, our network of connections enables us to bring lecturers from the ‘field’, and they gave a positive and completely different learning experience to the students.

Course Content

The essence of the course is familiarity and tasting with the variety of subjects that promote and serve sustainability: the field of energy in general and renewable energy in particular, familiarity with the renewable energies in the Arava as a national demonstration center, familiarity with network management issues and conceptual alternatives, perception of sustainability in local communities, education policy for sustainability and population participation and introducing technology innovation companies operating in the Arava.

The course received an academic credit of 3 credit points, included 45 hours, and covered subjects such as:

  • Basic concepts of renewable energy
  • Technological innovation in developing countries in Israel and worldwide
  • Smart transportation
  • Ethics and public policy
  • Smart networks and independent power generation systems

The course included an introduction to the energy production facilities in the Eilot region and Eilat, including the solar field in Ketura, the biogas facility in Yotvata, the off-grid village in Ketura and the ecological dome in Eilat. In addition, the students participated in a green construction and permaculture workshop in Lotan.

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Summary of the Public Policy Seminar

This course was very successful and received excellent feedback from the students. Ideas for additional content were suggested and will be included in the following courses. We are excited to continue to develop and create additional content and to expand the courses’ possibilities to other fields.