Eilat-Eilot International Conference

The Eilat-Eilot International Conference is the leading renewable energy event in Israel. Previous conferences brought together thousands of participants from all over the world and led to hundreds of millions of dollars in business transactions.

The Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference is a bi-annual event and a unique opportunity to meet with the people who are making the green revolution happen - investors, business people, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and international policy makers - looking to find new partners and cooperate on technological innovation and business opportunities which supports the vision of Energy Independence



Govermental Partenrs


Eilat-Eilot holds a pre-conference for investors named "EnergyVest". This conference allows ClenTech entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their ventures to leading global investors. And ofcourse- for investors to see the newest technological breakthroughs that the Israeli energy innovation industry has to offer. To see what companies presented in the 2016 investors conference please click here or go to the offical conference website.

Awards and Recognition

During the conference's gala evening we give awards in two categories:

  • A Recognition Award for unusual and significant activity in clean energy in the country in general.
  • A Brian Medwood prize for a significant contribution in the Arava and Eilat in the clean energy field.

For the list of awards that were given click here.

Israel's High-Tech

Israel has become known worldwide as the high tech nation, having more hi-tech startups than any country other than the USA; dozens of companies traded on the NASDAQ; research and development facilities of tech giants such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Google, HP, Philips, Cisco, Oracle, SAP and CA; and industry leaders such as Teva (pharmaceuticals), Amdocs (software), Comverse (telecom) and Checkpoint (data security). Israeli companies routinely win international contests in the startup industry; the venture capital industry is vibrant; and the per capita patent rate is the highest in the world. During the conference, you will be able to have a taste of Israel’s tech industry through the conference exhibition.