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World Energy Potential

 The world consumes 15 per hour. Where can 153 TWH potentially come from? 

Building with sand bags in Jordan

This video presents the working proccess of building with sand bags and adobes as a sustainable building material. The filming was done in Aman, Jordan.

Bringing Microalgae Promise to Life

There are tremendous opportunities for producing biofuel feedstock, omega-3 and feedstock for aquafeed; Looking for investments to ramp-up the activity in Israel and abroad

Thinking Out of the Box – Saving Electricity

Unique and creative solutions for saving electricity; Looking for strategic partners to distribute MILA’s products in target areas. The modest office located in south Tel Aviv does not reveal the knowledge, creativity, capabilities and range of electricity saving solutions offered to MILA Frumberg Ltd. client's. Moshe Frumberg, the company's CEO, has been a renowned expert in the field of electricity and electronics since 1964. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in developing solutions that deal mainly with the operation and control of electronic systems, as well as the ability to provide solutions that meet the special needs of his customers.

Profitable Green Energy is Possible

From Eilat-Eilot 2014 conference 'Innovation Industry & Science' speacial issue magazine Written By: Yaron Szilas, CEO of Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy is realizing innovative national projects that assist Israel get closer on the road of being energy independent

Promoting Innovation & Implementation

This is a presentation by Avi Feldman's, CEO of Caipta Nature- funding and accelerating renewable energy start-up companies. This presentation was presented at the 5th International Eilat Eilot Conference. Information you will find in this presentation: Global renewable energy investments by year Cleantech as a percentage of total VC investments

Building Intellectual Property Awareness Into Renewable Energy Business Strategy

A presentation by Gaston Kroub from the 5th International Eilat Eilot Conference, 2012.

Innovation, Industry & Science Magazine, 2014

Read about the Renewable Energy achievements and challenges experienced by the State of Israel in 2014 in Jerusalem Post's acclaimed magazine.

10 Years of Renewable Energy Progress

REN21 is a global renewable energy policy multi-stakeholder network. They have wrote this interesting summery on the changes and developments in renewable energy in the past decade. "The evolution of renewable energy over the past decade has surpassed all expectations. Global installed capacity and production from all renewable technologies have increased substantially; costs for most technologies have decreased significantly; and supporting policies have continued to spread throughout the world."

What does it mean to change the game?

Eric Isaacs is the director of Argonne Laboratories, USA. Watch his speech on game changing technologies and the challenges they face in the Energy industry.