SUSTAINERGY-3 Experiences

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Read what participants from this year’s Sustainergy thought about their experience:


Hi Naama, I want to say that I have returned home safely and partially well (I’ve got a problem with my throat and it seems that I’m on the edge of catching a cold 馃榾 ). Anyway, this was the best trip that I’ve ever had in my life, so the throat doesn’t spoil the experience. Conference was extremely well organized. The opportunity to find such a wide variety of different cultures in such an event is (at least by my opinion) unique, and that’s why Sustainergy is great! The tour that came after was also great. Yariv is an excellent tour guide, and he has managed to bring us past and current events in Israel. I recommend it to all next attendants (they shouldn’t even question going)! I wish you much success in future conferences!

Hear from you soon,

Nemanja Filipovic (and his laptop 馃榾 )

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Dear Naama, First of all I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having made possible the amazing experience of the last week and for having helped us trough all the way!聽 It had been truly amazing! Following the conference we decided to try to take our product to market and talking with Ron the idea of patenting our project came to our minds. We were thinking of doing it in order to send the project to some of the business men that asked us to.聽 What do you think about it? Do you know someone that could sponsor us? Thank you again聽

Lorenzo Mangone (Italy)聽


Dear Naama, I had such a good tine in Israel. Thank you for the opportunity. Right now, I’m sitting in the Budapest Airport, waiting for my luggage. It’s 0 degree centigrade outside. The israel tour was absolutely awesome, Yariv is a great guy. Absolutley worth it. We have seen so much, but yet, I would have liked to see more. 3 days is too few for Israel. I’m planning on visiting your country again in the future. :-)I hope, that your things are going well. In the hope, that we will meet again, thank you for everything. I am grateful.

Wishing you all the best,

Adam (Hungary)聽


Dear Naama, my son Jaka is back home equipped with new life experience and knowledge. The credit for this goes to you! I really hope one day we both will be able to visit your country and explore it in details. Thanks again for all your suport and kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Emanuela Molek (Jaka’s mom. Slovenia)聽


Naama, I would like to say thank you for the amazing experience you provided me with. I was blessed to meet such intelligent and nice people from around the world and am sure I will stay in touch with them!聽 We were all talking about how you are the perfect person for the job, very fun, easy to talk to, and respectful. Again, thank you for allowing me to join in late. I would like to have some pictures from the final event and remember a lot of photographers taking pictures, specifically the one where I receive the certificate. Do you know where I can get these photos? Also, I would love to participate in future event like this both and Israel and abroad, do you know where I can apply for such events? Sincerely,

Ron Nissim (转讬讻讜谉 讗讞讚 讛注诐 )


Hello Naama, We are at the hostel in jerusalem right now waiting for yariv to bring us in 2 hours to the airport. Now we are finishing to pack all our luggage and start to say goodbye to Israel 馃檨 . The Israel tour was really amazing and everyone enjoyed it, we saw so many things within three days thats incredible. Also our tour guide is the best, he knows about everything and he is also funny and we all like him. Then i wanted to say you a thank you! It was the greatest experience i made until now and im so grateful that i was a part of it. Thanks naama for all your work! Even if we had to work a lot we met some great people and everyone had a close connection to each other. All participants of the competition worked as a huge team that made us so productive in general 馃檪聽 i really enjoyed the time and made also friends here in israel and other countries and we already have plans for meeting each other. I will definitely return to israel its amazing here. As you said you are looking for sponsors i will try to get some connections for you, i knw one of the CEO of SAP and i will try to speak to him about a sponsorship. I will send you tomorrow an email when i artived at home and i hope we can keep in touch abd maybe seeing you soon 馃檪

Best regards Miguel (Germany) Also from Tamara, Adam and Nemanja