MEPI – Advancing Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship and Education

Eilat-Eilot has partnered with the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) of the State Department. We call this “The MEPI Project” and it’s main goal is promoting prosperity in Israel’s periphery -advancing renewable energy entrepreneurship and education. This project expands economic opportunities for young entrepreneurs/students in the field of off-grid Renewable Energy (RE) sector. Furthermore, the project engages middle and high school students in the field of renewable energy.

The project trains and mentors 10 entrepreneurs or students to expand their existing businesses in the Renewable Energy (RE) sector. Entrepreneurs also test new technologies in Eilat-Eilot new off-grid model village. Furthermore, project team creates a short film on RE and use it in seminars held in middle and high schools to promote the RE sector.

students in Eilat-Eilot's off-grid village as part of our MEPI project

Expand Opportunities For Engineers Students In The Field Of Off-Grid Renewable Energy

Selected engineering students will benefit from extensive training workshops that aim to expand their possibilities to enter the job market. The training will focus on the booming off-grid sector, a new developing market for engineers. To achieve this we have partnered with Afeka College of Engineering. Together we will select students who will participate in the training. The training will expose the students to the growing off grid market and needs, and opening them to the Israeli off grid network of experts, entrepreneurs and technology companies.

Engage Middle and High school Students In The Field Of Renewable Energy

We will hold 12 educational workshops on RE and off-grid technologies for 50 students (total reaching 600 students) from elementary, middle and high schools.

Students learning about solar energy as part of our MEPI project

Educational Film on Renewable Energy

We are in the production process of an educational film that will provide an overview of the region and its challenges as well as highlighting RE and off-grid technologies as catalysts for both regional development and as global solutions to sustainable development.

Success Story

With the launch of our renewable energy workshops for high school and middle school students in the Arava, we have begun to welcome our first few classes to Eilat Eilot- an exciting endeavor for both us and the participating schools.

Workshops focused on the topics of thermal solar technology, PV panels and off grid technologies. The workshops began with a visit to our solar power tower, validation center and off grid village. Our tours led to interesting discussions about environmental education, and reflected importance of educating students in the field, as they represent the future generation of leaders, engineers and entrepreneurs to advance the national and global green energy revolution.

Students in Eilat-Eilot off-grid village learning about solar energy

Those topics came to life when students got hands-on activities with the technology in order to produce electricity. The students were amazed by their ability to power the radio, using only the sun as a power source. Experience the production of music and light directly from the sunlight is an experience the students won’t forget.

Entrepreneur Training

Our entrepreneur training program will train young entrepreneurs in the field of off grid renewable energy. Program will begin with the launch of the opening ceremony this month, February 22rd. We have already selected 35 entrepreneur-spirited students participants, all studying Energy Engineering at Afeka College of Engineering. Overall we received over 50 applications to the program, even after we closed the registration. Both the Head of the Energy Engineering Department and the Head of Engineering and Management of Infrastructure Systems will mentor the participants.

Additionally, Afeka College of Engineering would like to permanently incorporate our training program into its Energy Engineering curriculum for future classes, as well as create a course and concentration of study in the subject of off grid. The significant impact of our MEPI program on Afeka and the level of interest and enthusiasm has reinforced the significance of our program and has strengthened our belief in the importance of training young entrepreneurs in this field.

Students taking part in Eilat-Eilot's MEPI project