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New IEA Report Delivers Failing Grades to Most Green Technologies

More innovation is needed in the global energy transformation.

אגירת אנרגיה חשמלית – היבטים יישומיים

מצגת של אבינועם לוי - יועץ מערכות אנרגיה BscEE. מתוך יום עיון בנושא אגירת אנרגיה (שאובה/סוללות/תרמית).

אגירת חשמל בישראל – שיקולים ומתווים אפשריים

 מצגת של חוני קבלו ורותי קירו מרשות החשמל מתוך יום עיון בנושא אגירת אנרגיה (שאובה/סוללות/תרמית).

Renewables Are Expected to Dominate Global Power Generation by 2040

And attract more than $7 trillion in the process, Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts.

Renewables Are Expected to Dominate Global Power Generation by 2040

That's the upshot from Bloomberg New Energy Finance's latest installment of the annual New Energy Outlook report, which models the global energy mix out to 2040.

U.S. Electricity Generating Capacity Additions 2010-2017

Solar continues to drive a growing portion of new electric generating capacity additions.

Africa’s Development Challenges

Africa has registered impressive economic growth over the past decade and a half, displaying remarkable resilience in the midst of volatility and turmoil in global markets.

From petropolis to ecopolis

A nice figure that shows the challenge of updating infrastructure and improving building stock (without disrupting the lives of millions of people living “within the construction zone”) – what the World Future Council describes as moving from “Petropolis” to “Ecopolis.”