Panel Cleaning Robots

Israeli Ecoppia Company 11th place ranking of 50 technologies that affect the world’s solar by PV Magazine

Ecoppia develops a unique patents protected technology for cleaning solar panels in large solar installations, completely automatically and without the use of water. Ecoppia’s cleaning robot’s system clean about five million panels a month, and is installed in over 300MW worldwide. Ecoppia is actually a global leader in cleaning solar panels.

The company was founded in 2013 and is privately owned with the support of three leading international funds.

The company develops and manufactures advanced robotic solution to minimize loss of efficiency, caused by dust and sand storms in desert areas.

By the significant reduction in the cost of cleaning and maintenance of the solar field as well as increased production of energy and an increase in output, Ecoppia produces a most significant economic value and enables the construction of solar sites even in areas with water shortages.

Most large solar installations (Utility Scale) are located in deserts, where they enjoy optimal conditions for power generation and over 300 days of sunshine a year. Sand and dust storms, accumulating on the solar panels and blocking the sun’s rays, cause efficiency loss, as well as very few rainy days and the lack of water sources for cleaning. Loss of efficiency as a result of dusty panels can reach up to 40% and after significant dust storms even 60%.

Today, large solar fields are cleaned manually, extensively using water, manpower, and does not provide a consistent and effective cleaning.

Israeli Ecoppia company has taken on the challenge to minimize the loss of efficiency caused by dust by providing a complete solution for solar fields that are located in desert areas.

Ecoppia’s product is a robotic automated system installed in the solar field, managed by a central system. Each robot is responsible for the cleaning of a defined solar row and cleans every evening after dark without the use of water, automatically and effectively removes over 99% of all dust.

Each robotic system has a solar panel charging during the day and enables daily cleaning without the need for power source. The system can be programmed and remotely controlled by sending a simple SMS.