Eilat-Eilot Team

Dorit Banet – Founder and CEO

Dorit Banet - Eilat Eilot CEO

Dorit Davidovich Banet co-founded and managing the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative for the last 12 years. Eilat Eilot REI is the main platform for sustainable development of the Eilat Eilot region on the field or renewable energy and clean technologies. The activities include: Leading the process of construction the largest decentralized solar power station in Israel, which includes 17 stations of various sizes that provide 70% of the electricity of the largest tourist city in Israel during the day time, building RE Education curriculum, leading the Establishment of R&D & innovation center including pilot projects, branding and advancing suitable regulation. The project has received wide recognition by the government and the public in Israel and globally.

Prior to this position Dorit was the founder and the head of the environment unit at the Eilot Regional Council and Eilat town for eight years. Among her activities were, supervising, advising and policy designer regarding urban planning, sewage, marine ecosystem, hazardous materials in industry, education, public awareness and realization of several unique environmental projects including sewage solutions with constructed wetlands and massive recycling infrastructure.

Nowadays Eilat Eilot REI is currently setting up a dedicated company for implementing and selling Israeli innovative “off grid” technologies for clean water, clean energy and food BOP’s in Africa and the developing world accordance with the SDG’s.

Dorit holds a master’s degree in Geomorphology from Ben-Gurion University, focusing on stratigraphic issues and earthquakes. She holds a BA in Geography from Haifa University

Naama Aloni – Administrative and ‘Sustainergy’ Coordinator

Naama Aloni - Eilat Eilot team

Na’ama was born on Kibbutz Yotvata and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Theater from Tel Aviv University. She was sent by the Jewish Agency to Australia as an emissary and worked there for a number of years as an administrative manager. Naama has been the administrative head of Eilat Eilot since 2011. She is also the coordinator of the International Youth Competition Sustainergy.

Noam Ilan – Co-Founder and Consultant

Noam Ilan - Eilat Eilot VP

Noam is vice president of business development and co-founder of Capital Nature, a renewable energy technologies investment firm. He is also the founder and chairman of the Eilat Eilot renewable energy international conference.

Between 2006 and 2010 Noam co-founded and managed the The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative, creating a unique model for solving the energy crisis while generating substantial regional development.

Prior to this position Noam was engaged in business development and consulting in the field of Renewable Energy, pioneering bio-fuel production in Israel and promoting solar energy legislation in the Israeli Parliament. In the 90′ Noam founded and managed Cortext Ltd, an innovative software development company with leading clients in Israel and abroad. Noam holds a masters degree in environmental studies from Tel Aviv University, focusing on renewable energy. He is very familiar with the Israeli and global renewable energy technology market place and is a well-known speaker on those topics.

Avital Nusinow –
Education, Tourism & Training

Avital Nusinow - Eilat Eilot Team

Avital is the training and education manager at Eilat Eilot. She has been in the role since 2012, and is in charge of the planning and executing of seminars and academic training, educational programs for schools and teachers, developing the “Sun track” for renewable energy tourism in the southern Arava on the infrastructure, content and branding levels, and the development of the Off-Grid Demonstration Village for off grid technologies.

Prior to joining the Eilat Eilot team, Avital managed and coordinated co-existence programs for BINA – an organization that promotes empowerment through dialogue, informal education and community involvement throughout neighborhoods in Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

Dafna Levy Ziegerman – Webmaster and Content Developer

Dafna works on everything that is internet or computer related in our organization. She has a B.a in psychology, and has worked in freelance web developing prior to joining the Eilat-Eilot team.