Validation Center

Capital Nature, together with Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy and the Eilot regional council, established an experiment site and validation center for renewable energy technologies.

The site is located on Kibbutz Ketura in the Southern Arava and plays a pivotal role in the development of these technologies through providing the operational and administrative needs of each project.

The validation center accelerates these projects, helping them to contribute to the field of renewable energy by providing them with the tools they need to move from initial design theory to the stage of research, production and export.

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Listed below are the companies that use the validation center resources:


Matalon Energy Sources Ltd. has been operating since 2009 in the field of renewable energy. On July 17, 2017 the company has completed the connection of the sun-tracking device in the Yotvata validation field to the electricity grid, after prolonged difficulties.
The company began the development of the solar tracker in 2011 by establishing a number of units, that demonstrate the operation of solar tracking, on the roof of an industrial building in Yavneh and patent registration in the Israeli and American Patent Office.
In 2011 the company paticipated in the Ministry of Energy’s tender to promote pioneer and demonstration facilities, and signed a contract for the firm’s assistance in promoting the technology and field of experiments.
Most of the development work was carried out in the Arava region. Throughout the entire period of thee facility construction, the company was assisted by ‘Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy’, and through ‘Capital Natural’ promoted the validation field from the planning stages through to execution.
The main operation of the two-axis tracking device is simple, cheap and precise. The system is based on analog measurement and a direct feedback cycle without a complex electronic system. The mechanical engineering system was designed to be cheap and reliable.
The company has received the necessary approvals from the authorities to operate a pilot facility, designed to produce and sell electricity for 20 years with an output of 300 kW through 150 independent tracking units.
Approvals were received from the Electricity Authority, Ministry of Energy, the Economy Ministry and the Israel Land Authority.
The main purpose of the facility is to enable a long-term field testing of the system in order to adapt to the needs of the customer in various locations around the world, with an emphasis on the small and independent domestic systems.
The company continues to promote its business activities and is currently completing the construction of a building in the Shehoret industrial area in Eilat, which will serve the Company, and continues to promote the development of new technologies by working together with other companies operating in the renewable energy sector and supported by ‘Capital Nature’ fund.

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רובוט לניקוי המשטחים הפוטו-וולטאיים מבצע ניסוי ובדיקה של פעולתו על גבי מתקן עוקב השמש ביטבתה

A photovoltaic surface cleaning robot performs an experiment and tests its operation on a solar tracking device in Yotvata.