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Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy is proud to stand at the forefront of the green revolution in Israel, creating the sun valley in the southern Arava.

Peres Visit (1)The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy public benefit company, owned by the kibbutzim of the Arava, JNF, and local industrial, developmental, and academic entities in Israel.

The company strives to make the southern Arava region an international center for research, development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies. At the same time, the project aims to make the region energy-independent and free from fuel and carbon emissions by the year 2025. This project will enable the region to become an international knowledge center, which houses innovative and groundbreaking technologies, realizing the vision of Sun Valley in the southern Arava, helps Israel achieve it’s 2025 renewable energy goals and strength Israeli clean technologies all over the world.

Now days we are producing 70% of daytime energy demand in Eilat and Arava region and by 2025 we hope to produce 100% renewables 24/7 (with the help of storage), we are operating a technology incubator and venture capital “capital nature”, we create new jobs among them: researchers, engineers, teachers and others.

The Renewable Energy Initiative is implementing this goal in cooperation with two local authorities – Municipality of Eilat and the Eilot Regional Council and government ministries.

Brian Medwood (1957-2002) was a renewable energy pioneer. We have dedicated a page in honor of his great contribution to advancing the field of renewable energy in the Arava.



Our Achievments: 
Atidim Program (16)

  • Establishing a decentralized local power station from renewable energy: currently there are 15 different sized solar plants that supply 70% of the electricity consumption of Eilat and the Arava region.
  • Making Eilat a smart city: green neighborhood pilot program was launched, which combines a variety of technologies to reduce energy consumption in the neighborhood and to upgrade the existing infrastructure (waste disposal, communications, lighting, education and energy management), rooftop solar initiative (30 MG) owned by the citizens and changing all the city lights to smart light.
  • Establishing CAPITAL NATURE Technology Incubator as a place of innovation and new jobs, in the subject of Cleantech and Renewable Energy. The shareholders are: The Chief Scientist, Rafael, Elbit, Finance Investments, Ben Gurion University etc.).
  • Established laboratory center which will constitute the regional Hub for research and initiatives.
  • Off-Grid technologies center: a platform for Israeli technology companies and young entrepreneurs, who demonstrate and experiment under real conditions. The village is also an instruction center for the use of technologies and aim to create business models and methodologies for introducing technologies and services to the Off-Grid world. Now days we expend the project in Kenia with local commercial and NGO partners.
  • Running the Bi-annual international Israeli conference for renewable energies and clean technologies.
  • Establishment of a national and international educational and training center. This way we produce a different learning experience and expose the students to the Arava
  • ‘SUSTAINERGY- youth international conference and competition for excellence students.

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