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A collection of publications and articles on Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy, published in magazines and blogs around the world:


Israel Tests Wireless Charging Roads for Electric Vehicles

“What would a world powered by clean, low-water energy look like? If you visit Israel’s southern region, you don’t have to imagine”. By Kate Zerrenner, who was part of the Eco-Impact delegation visit to Eilat-Eilot, organized by Vibe Israel. 

Published in Scientific American in February 2017


Texas Should Get Its Head in the New Solar Market Game

Israeli government is collaborating with start-up ElectRoad to install a public bus route in Tel Aviv, using an under-the-pavement wireless technology that eliminates the need for plug-in recharging stations. By Abigail Fagan

Published in EDF in February 2017


Off-grid village with game-changing green solutions blooms in the Middle East

Written by Lucy Wang, an article about the Off Grid demonstration village in kibbutz Ketura. It was published in Inhabitat magazine following the Eco-Impact delegation visit to Eilat-Eilot, organized by Vibe Israel.

Published in Inhabitat in January 2017


 Eilat Eilot Off Grid Hub to open in the Arava

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative will be officially launching the hub in early December.

Published in Jerusalem Post in January 2017


 Un désert écologique

An article surveying the Arava energy facilities.

Published in the french supplement of the Jerusalem Post in April 2012