30 May 2023  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

Breakthrough technology that uses solar energy to augment intermittent wind energy

One of Israel’s leading investment firms in renewable energy, Capital Nature, has recently invested in a young Israeli company, Augwind, who has developed a technology that provides solutions to the challenges of wind power production.

The technology developed by Augwind has successfully found a way to utilize wind generated energy combined with solar energy, even when the wind isn’t blowing.

Today, the production of energy from the wind faces two major challenges: Firstly, the inability to predict when the wind will blow, at what force and at which direction. Secondly, the wind blows mostly at night, when there is significantly less power consumption than during the main hours of the day. It is therefore necessary to store and release it during peak hours, according to demand.

To overcome such issues with wind as an energy source, Augwind’s breakthrough technology that combines wind and solar energy, is a significant step forward in the field.

The company developed a product that can be installed on pre-existing wind turbines. The product stores the energy that is generated by the wind throughout the night and consolidates it with solar energy that has been accumulated throughout the day. Once the two energies have been combined, they can be stored as compressed air and released according to required quantities.

Production costs are among the lowest for alternative energies and because the technology only requires turbines that are already existent, Augwind is offering the product for around 50% cheaper than other alternative energy solutions.

Augwind’s mastermind, Or Yogev, is an engineer with a PhD from Caltech University in California. He returned to Israel to establish Augwind and to oversee its success. The technological center of Capital Nature, the Southern Arava region in Israel, provides the ideal weather for examining prototypes of this technology, which will assist significantly in its future commercial application.

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