26 May 2022  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

Renewable Energy Research Innovation

Eilat-Eilot was established to be a lever for regional development of Eilat and the Eilot region (southern Arava). Therefore, advancing cleantech and renewable energy research is an important part of the regional development strategy. Such research has potential in recruiting funding and young researchers looking for new challenges. 

Validation Center

In 2011 we established an experimental field and a verification center for renewable energies. 

The site, located in Kibbutz Ketura, is an essential station for project development, in that it provides all the operational and managerial needs of the projects. 

The experimental field and the verification center are a platform for accelerating projects in order to bring them from the theoretical planning and research phase to the production and export phase, in desert climatic conditions in preparation for the field.

Companies interested in using the space and tools offered by the center are welcome to contact us via: info@eilateilot.org

Solar Panel Cleaning Robotics

Ecopia develops technology for cleaning solar panels in large solar installations completely automatically and without the use of water.

An advanced robotic solution to minimize loss of efficiency, caused by dust and sandstorms in desert areas.

By significantly reducing the cost of cleaning and maintaining the solar field in addition to increased energy production and increased output, the company produces significant economic value and enables the construction of solar sites even in developing areas, which suffer from water shortages.

Each robotic system has a solar panel, which is charged during the day and allows daily cleaning without the need for a power source. The system can be programmed and remotely controlled by sending SMS messages.

Local Renewable Energy Research

With our encouragement and support, clean energy departments have been created in all regional organizations that deal with research, development and study of renewable energy.

Dead-Sea & Arava Science Center

The Dead Sea and Arava Science Center operates throughout Israel’s southern region of the Dead Sea and Arava, up to the city of Eilat, an area that covers 20% of the territory of the State of Israel. There are four local authorities in this area: Megilot, Tamar, Arava Tichona and the Eilot region.

Arava Institute

The Arava Institute promotes research and environmental-applied projects in collaboration with researchers and organizations in the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

The center deals with a variety of topics: agriculture in extreme climates, herbs, renewable energy, water resource management, sewage treatment, water desalination, mapping the biological diversity in the area, protection of natural resources and more.

The Center for Development at the Institute translates the innovative research into practical technological solutions.