U.S. Electricity Generating Capacity Additions 2010-2017

Solar continues to drive a growing portion of new electric generating capacity additions. Last year in 2016, solar ranked as the No. 1 source of new capacity additions. Building off that momentum, solar accounted for 30% of all new electric generating capacity installed in the U.S. in Q1 2017, ranking as the second-largest driver of capacity additions across all fuel types.
US Electricity Generating Capacity Additions 2010-2017

When we look at the 1st graph, we can see that 2014 was the last year in which coal was newly installed. Over the last 3 years there were no new coal additions! The 2nd graph shows that in 2015 coal and natural gas were equal in electricity generation, while renewables are 13% of total generation.

US Electricity Generating in 2015

1st graph is from the GTMR US Solar Market Insight summary.

2nd graph is from The Guardian article.