29 September 2023  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

Education Center

Our training center offers educational tours and workshops while participants experience first-hand one of Israel's most unique regions. In a world where energy demand is constantly rising, connecting people from a variety of fields with the clean energy challenges is of great importance.

Our Programs

Academic Courses

Credit points, senior lecturers and practical experience

Teacher Training

Get familiar with the world of clean energy and broaden your teaching

Tours & Seminars

Custom tailored seminars for your organization

Local Authority

For those who hold positions in local government

Activist Groups

Knowledge is power. Dive deep and learn more about clean energy in Israel.

Why the Arava?

Eilat-Eilot transformed the southern Arava into a clean energy R&D center. This process has resulted in large solar fields, venture acceleration programs, a capital investment fund for technological investments, a verification center, and a demonstration village for network-disconnected technologies.

Our center works in collaboration with all regional organizations, and combines learning with tours and workshops.

Participants who come to the Arava earn a unique learning experience that combines high-tech with stunning views of picturesque landscapes, technological entrepreneurship and networking and exposure to the growing industry in the Eilot region.

Who You'll Meet

Moshe Tshuva

Dr. Moshe Tshuva

Head of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Head of the Master's Program in Energy Engineering, Afeka College

Tali Zohar

Dr. Tali Zohar

Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation at Arava Institute

Itai Sened

Prof. Itay Sened

Head of the School of Social and Political Studies and Head of the Mintz Institute in Tel Aviv

Rina Kedem

Dr. Rina Kedem

Cross-Border Environmental Cooperation research and research advisor for PBL projects

Dan Weinstock

Dr. Dan Weinstock

Former head of electricity at the Ministry of National Infrastructures. Consultant on renewable energy, storage and electric transportation.

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