30 May 2023  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

Hydrogen Valley in the Arava

imaging of hydrogen technologies

Eilat-Eilot is a partner in an international consortium led by “Doral Energy”

in order to create an international hydrogen network.

The project includes manufacturing, transporting and using green hydrogen in two hydrogen sources, in two sides of the Mediterranean. One in Israel, in Eilot Regional Council, and the other in Spain or Portugal. Both centers are going into development stages during the coming days.

This project allows the expansion and renovation of the energy network in Europe by developing the hydrogen transport chain between countries with abundant sources of energy and countries with high energy demands. The Arava project aims to manufacture 500 tons of hydrogen annually, and a pilot of 400 kW solar to manufacture hydrogen using technology by H2Pro was already approved by the chief scientist of the Ministry of Energy and will be built by Doral in 2023, providing green hydrogen to the Yotvata Dairy Farm.

A tour of the project in Eilot Regional Council will be done with the regional council head and the consortium partners on September 20.

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