26 May 2022  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

New Water Pump in the Off-grid Village

At the end of July, we installed a new solar water pump in our off-grid demonstration village. The system is intended for developing countries and rural areas detached from a regional water grid. It has three large solar panels, capable of pumping 1,000 liters (264 gallons) in approximately 15 minutes.

Fast pace pumping is a security advantage and this increased efficiency and faster process in the field reduces the chances of the equipment being stolen. The system’s integrated mobility allows it to be transferred to a secured location at the end of the use, or to another field for shared usage by multiple farmers, or villages.

Additionally, because of its large panels the system on average produces more electricity than required. It was initially built to have the capability of pumping water from deep sources such as wells or deep ground water, but when this is not the case the extra electricity produced can be used to power any electric appliance (up to 600W) using an added battery and sockets.

The solar pumping system was installed by the team of Engineers Without Borders whom we would like to thank for their great contribution and efforts – especially in the July Arava heat.

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