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Vision of a smart-grid

A very basic graphic representation of the key elements of future renewable based power systems using smart-grid technology.

Priority dispatch for renewables

Increasing the share of renewables in the power sector requires additional infrastructural changes and new ways of managing the power grid.

The interconnection of sectors

The power, transport and heating sectors are currently developing in separate silos, which on the surface makes sense given their different energy sources and infrastructure requirements.

Development of global transport supply by source, 2003 – 2015

Global consumption of energy for transport has increased by an average of 2% annually since 2000 and accounts for about 27% of overall energy consumption.

Development of global heat supply by source, 2003 – 2015

Although heating accounts for more than 40% of total final energy demand – more than the entire power sector – it does not rank high on the agenda in energy debates.

Global power plant market, 1970 – 2014

An overview about the global power plant market – both conventional and renewable – since 1970.

ISF scenario analysis – wind power & solar photovoltaic

Cumulative capacities and annual markets of various scenarios.

Global annual new installed power plant capacities 2000 till 2015

Every year a certain number of new power plants are connected to the grid worldwide. Since 2013 more renewable power plants were installed than coal and gas power plants combined.