The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative founded the International Youth Conference and Competition with the goal of encouraging and strengthening the younger generation to lead the clean-tech industry into the future. The youth of today are the most valuable resource we have for future research and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The competition therefore fits within the wider educational framework of the area which promotes change and development.

Sustainergy is an internationally acclaimed conference and competition, where youths from Israel and around the world showcase their solutions and research into environmental problems, which have not yet been solved by today’s experts in the field. The competition reflects the promotion and expansion of scientific education as a means for future development in renewable energy, both in Israel and abroad.

The event includes a competition between international teams of participants whom focus on proposing original ideas for research, projects and models in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Topics are laid out in accordance to criteria determined in advance by a professional steering team. The competition is supervised by a panel of judges who also judge the proposals.

Target population

Students who are in the 12th & 13th grades in the current school year and high school graduates. Participants must be majoring in the fields of social studies, economics, science and technology, and be interested in the field of renewable energy and creative thinking. Fluency in spoken and written English is required.

Former Events

Steering Committee / Advisors

Competition Stages

Registration - Foreign students

If you wish to learn how to become a candidate in SUSTAINERGY 7 please contact Dr. Zvi Paltiel VIA email

Selecting a subject for the competition

approximately two months before the final stage of the competition participants will get a list of subjects dealing with competition topics and will need to choose three subjects from the list.

Once all participants have chosen three subjects they will be divided into international teams that will compete with each other.

The teams will receive tasks related to the field of renewable energies and will be asked to work together to find creative and innovative solutions. The list of subjects, guiding questions and criteria for submitting ideas, as well as the manner of submission, will be sent to the participants at a later stage.

The finals

Students taking part in the final stage will be invited to participate in an international youth conference which will take place at kibbutz Yahel, located at the southern Arava, in Israel. 50 outstanding young people from various different countries will participate in the conference, which will be entirely conducted in English.


The cost of participation in SUSTAINERGY (transport, room and board, and instruction) will be entirely funded by the SUSTAINERGY organizers.