SUSTAINERGY 2013 was held on 6.3.2013 in Eilat Eilot. We would like to thank all the participants, from Israel and abroad, and to all the families that supported their effort to create amazing, intelligent projects. We are very proud to have such a generation which will lead us to a cleaner, renewable future.


And the winners are..


First Place:

Smart grid: Electricity consumers (smart homes)

Žygimantas Stražnickas- Lithuania
Ariel Marber- Israel
Aheli Chattopadhyay-U.S.A

View the winning presentation below:

1st place 2012

alt: 1st place 2012
Second Place:

Kelly Mymon – Israel
Idan Bressler – Israel

View the presentation below:

2nd place 2012

alt: 2nd place 2012




Third Place:

Bioclimatic building: Thermal comfort (P.C.M – Phase change Materials)

Tamás Álmos Vámi – Hungary
Tomer Hananel – Israel
Yasmin Simons – Israel

View the presentation below:

3rd place 2012

alt: 3rd place 2012