27 June 2022  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

The best case scenario for any country is to be energy independent

CEO of Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy spoke at a panel on renewable energy at the Israel-Greece conference, sponsored by Calcalist, Brown Hotels, and Aroundtown SA.
The panelists were in agreement on how the Russian-Ukrainian war is affecting the energy market. Dorit Banet, CEO of Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy, said: “In light of what is happening in Russia, we are realizing the importance of energy independence. The best case scenario for any country is to be energy independent. Proper management of smart energy will bring independence. I live in southern Israel, and we are soon going to be 100% solar energy-based. If we can do it, everyone can.”

picture by Tal Azulay

Originally published on Calcalist

עדכונים נוספים שאולי יעניינו אותך

December 29, 2021

This year some 750 members from across the spectrum of clean energy participated. The conferenced opened dramatically when the Minister of Energy announced that she is freezing gas exploration for a year, is establishing the Renewable Energy division in the Ministry