SUSTAINERGY 2013 Testimonials

“Just wanted to let you know I got home safely. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime–during my time in Israel, I met some of the most qualified researchers, brilliant students, and warm-hearted people I have ever encountered. I will make it a point to return to Israel and tour the beautiful country. It is hard being home! School was cancelled today because we are expected to receive three feet of snow. Funny to say that I really miss the desert :p A special thank you to you and everyone else who made SUSTAINERGY 2 possible. I miss everyone already! I am not sure who to thank for awarding my team First Prize, but if you could pass on my regards, I would greatly appreciate it.
Most of all, thanks for putting up with Susie 😉 I hope to stay in touch, Mama Naama! Thank you again for everything” – Aheli

“I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing conference, you really did a great job!! Thanks for welcoming us so nicely and taking care of us in your very warm-hearted way.

You made us feel like home in Israel, I think everyone of us fell in love with your country. This was such a wonderful way to message Israelian culture. I’ll really try to be the best ambassador I can and I hope I’ll be able to come back one day. Thanks so much for an amazing week!” – Jana

“I would like to thank you in the name of my family for the wonderful experience that Anton had in Israel. Anton will surely know how to use this specific knowledge and apply it where useful. Greetings to all the staff and colleagues” – Alida Perkov, Croatia

“Hi Naama, got home a few hours ago, I already miss all of you 🙂 Is there a possibility that I could apply myself to be an assistant at Sustainergy 2014? I would like to come to Israel again and also go on the tour that time.” – Anton

“I believe the conference was very successful and it is important to distribute it. I have told my whole family about it and it just so happens that my Grandfather, who is an educator, recently returned from a leading educational conference in Israel. He said it was a shame I didn’t tell him about your youth conference because he could have spread the word there among educational leaders. Nonetheless, he said it sounds like a great initiative that he will be happy to pass on to various management departments throughout Israel. I hope to help in other ways.” (Translated from Hebrew) – Shani