26 May 2022  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

Doral Invests $1.25m In Keilot Ltd

In the first impact investment of its kind in Israel, Doral Renewable Energy Resources Group is investing $1.25 million in Keilot, an Israeli company owned jointly by Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy, the Arava Kibbutz partnership, Shibolet Legal Offices, Doral Group, Peterburg Group, and Attorney Orit Marom Albeck. Keilot operates in Kenya, marketing and assimilating innovative Israeli clean technologies in off grid regions.

Keilot’s activities in Africa are an excellent opportunity for Israeli developers and entrepreneurs to create new technologies addressing the needs of an evolving world. A further stage will see the setup of a knowledge development center in the Arava, aimed at responding to the challenges and needs surfacing in the field. The goal is to create ongoing dialogue between the field and the developers. Keilot currently markets a range of technologies: home biogas, Nuf, Hilico and Solav.

Photo: Israel’s Ambassador in Kenya at the event marking the donation of a Keilot water purification system to a Kenyan orphanage.

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