26 May 2022  | Israel’s renewable percentage of total energy production 9%

Micro-grid planning in Eilat and Arava area

AMAN company won a tender to structure a strategic plan for a macro-grid in the Eilat and Arava region and began its work.
This program for energy independence of Eilat and the Eilot region, is a direct continuation of the activities of Eilat-Eilot and the Eilat Smart City team.

The program will present a techno-economic and business plan to enable the management of the Arava and Eilat regions as independent microgrids, and will present a model of independent neighborhoods in Eilat.We hope that the work will be completed and presented to the decision makers at the end of the summer of 2021.

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This year some 750 members from across the spectrum of clean energy participated. The conferenced opened dramatically when the Minister of Energy announced that she is freezing gas exploration for a year, is establishing the Renewable Energy division in the Ministry